EY H-Drive™ Parallel retrofit hybrids

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EY H-Drive™ Parallel retrofit hybrids offer the best of both worlds for many applications.

They provide the benefits of EP while maintaining the range that a diesel engine can provide.

They are a great fit for boats that do not spend long periods away from shore power. The electric motor is great for going in and out of harbor, anchoring and low speed propulsion. The diesel only needs to run when your battery are low or when longer distance propulsion is needed. When the diesel is running, the electric motor acts as a high output dc  and recharges batteries. If you also need to recharge batteries when at anchor, check out our Gen-Drive™ parallel hybrids.

The H-Drive™ Sail is a good fit for many sailboats. You can quietly leave your slip anchorage or mooring without starting and warm up of your engine.  Also, great for motor sailing in light air. It is intended for auxiliary engines up to 50hp, with up to 1.25″ (30mm) propeller shaft.

The H-Drive™ Power is a good fit for many power boats. You can quietly leave the dock before starting your engine, troll quietly and have a “get home” if the main engine fails.  It is built on a wider and taller frame, allowing for use with larger power boat engines with up to 1.5″ (40mm) propeller shaft.


  • The motors in the H-Drive™ are mounted above the Internal Combustion Engine’s transmission.
  • Replaces existing propeller shaft coupler.  Only requires 4″ space from transmission output flange to stuffing box.  Propeller shaft passes through hub, as with a traditional propeller shaft flange.  A drive belt from the motor propels the prop shaft when the engine’s transmission is in neutral.  Motor acts as a generator any time ICE is turning propeller shaft.
  • Utilizes the same QuieTorque(tm) technology as with our E-Drive Inboard Replacement Systems.

Includes the following:

  • Motor and controller assembly
  • Battery Monitor (display) and cable
  • Throttle quadrant with key switch and cable
  • Shaft coupler
  • Universal mounting hardware
  • Power switch, fuse & holder, Relay.
H-Drive™ Sail 8.0 kW
H-Drive™ Sail 8.0 $5495.00

(North America Price, others by request)

H-Drive™ Power 8.0 kW
H-Drive™ Power 8.0 $5995.00

(North America Price, others by request)

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H-Drive™ Dimension Sheet WE_Dimension Sheet)