Electric Yacht Extends warranty coverage on all QuietTorque™ systems from 2 to 3 years!

Based on the success and reliability of our QuietTorque™ Electric and H-Drive hybrid offerings, we are pleased to announce an extension of our product warranty period!  Also, ask about extended warranty coverage.

Curious? Please fill out the form at the “Contact Us” link and we will provide a design solution to meet your needs. Please advise if you would prefer email or telephone reply.

Converting Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Design your system

Typical "before" photo-small

Determining the right system to fit your vessel is a straight forward process using the Design page.

Submitting the Request for Design form with your specifications will allow us to recommend a motor and battery system designed to meet your needs, along with performance projections.

Order Your Customized System

System Components

Then all you have to do is order your system: it’s customized to fit your vessel’s specifications, and optimize your existing propeller. All Electric Yacht Systems can be shipped next door or around the world. Payment is easy with either a check or major credit card.

Install It!

Typical "After" photo-smallInstallation is a snap for the DIY’er or professional installer. Systems are light enough that putting them in can be done by one person.  Most people report taking out the dirty old internal combustion engine (and related systems) was the hardest part.  If you prefer professional help, we have a growing network of dealers that offer complete sales and service and can be located on the Dealers Page. 

Share Your Success!


Keep us updated and we’ll link to your blog.  Still sitting on the fence? Then read these independent blogs about their experience using the Electric Yacht system. You can also read our blog archive of the Conversion Stories, the Movies and check out the list of independent blogs and forums of happy customers.